2021 Year End – utilities and landscape:  Everything is getting more expensive these days and we are feeling the effects at Camp Challenge.  Our utility bills are going up!  Electricity is a very large portion of our annual budget.  This winter and next summer we anticipate electricity will cause us to be way over budget. Propane is projected to increase significantly this winter and we are anticipating a very large increase in our bills.  Frankly, these cost increases coupled with the decrease we have seen in donations and facility use revenue during the pandemic have me concerned about our operating income vs. expenses.  Second, our John Deere lawnmower has been an awesome machine for many years and hours.  When the mower was in for service, we were told of many things that are wearing out on the machine.  We would like to purchase a new lawn mower and keep the current mower as a backup machine.  You can donate HERE.


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