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Nestled in the scenic hills of south-central Indiana, Camp Challenge occupies 158 acres of land 1 1/2 hours south of Indianapolis.

Affiliated with the Church of God, the camp facility was built in the 1950s by ministry-minded people who understood the powerful life-change that takes place when people step away from busyness and distraction and into communion with God’s creation.

Camp Challenge is a multipurpose facility that accommodates retreats for all types of Christian groups. However, the camp’s main goal is to create summer camping adventures for grades 1-12 to have fun, discover nature and experience God’s Love.


Camp Challenge has a rich history of creating fun and inspiring camping experiences for hundreds of youth. Here are some of the highlights along the way:

First youth camp held at Spring Mill Park (the second of its kind in the Church of God)

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Finch donated 50 acres to the First church of God in Bedford. Wanting to share the land, church leaders deeded the property to the Church of God ministers of Southern Indiana.

Ministers and volunteers labored to create the camp facility; several funding campaigns held, including the “Fifty-Two Club,” with 300 families giving $1 per week for 52 weeks toward the camp.

First camp held at current Camp Challenge facility. The camp was named for how challenging the work was to create it.


Camp Alumni

“What I learned from the camp staff prepared me for things in life I would not have survived without those years of growing up at Camp C.”


Camp Alumni

“Camp changed my life. I made a lot of friends and a lot of memories. I overcame fears and developed skills. I want to give back what I received.”


Volunteer Leader

“Thank you, Ralph, for giving these boys the opportunity to live dangerously and experience God in such a joyous way! I dare say that none of them will be the same.”

Fred and Sarah Norman

Original Founders/Builders of Camp Challenge

“We hold dear this special place where God has changed so many lives.”