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If you love to sing and spend time traveling with other kids your age, consider being a part of this year’s choir. The tour will take place from July 13-22. Each night the choir will perform at a different church. According to the young people that have been a part of this, there simply is no experience that is better. If you are interested contact the Camp or margie Clampitt and send it to Margie Clampitt, 3609 S. Timothy Lane,New Castle, IN 47362. For questions, call Margie at (765) 529-3013.

Those of you that are choir members or have been in the past, I would love to comments to this post.

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  • Hey everyone, I’m Kelli, the youth choir director and for those of you who know nothing about the choir tour, let me tell you a few things…
    1. Worshiping on tour is a must! Singing our hearts out every night for God is what we do on this tour.
    2. While God takes care of the heart issues…it has been given to me to take care of the voice issues. I will send you music ahead of time, you will learn it as best as you can, and then we all get together and hard core practice it so that you’re comfortable with your part.
    3. When you aren’t in the middle of a concert, you are either on the bus with 30 new best friends, staying at people’s houses with you new 2-3 best friends, or chillin’ at the various churches with your 30 new best friends.
    4. Margie and Bill get you set up for the tour, while Kara and myself get you ready for each performance.
    5. Various student leaders will take turns leading this group in devotions, prayer and some fun activities.

    Surely there is more to know,but I’ll let some others fill in the rest of the info. If you have questions, look me up on facebook! Kelli Arington–be sure to tell me who you are or I may ignore you!

  • Hey!
    Choir tour is such an awesome experience. You get to interact with people who love worshiping and praising God. Plus, of course, you make life long friends. It is amazing to see the faces of the people at the churches we sing at and they just love seeing all of us sing for them. Choir tour is a must, you don’t want to miss out on it.

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