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Camp Challenge Board Update – September 2nd, 2023

Dear Friends of Camp Challenge, 

We are writing this special newsletter to address a very important update about Camp. As our past Executive Director and his family were moving out, we had a home inspector from an independent third party evaluate the director house on site. He came across numerous health and safety concerns that demand immediate attention. These issues include a need for major repairs on the new roof, significant water damage, mold, the need for crawl space remediation, electrical work, and grading of the soil near the house. This list creates extensive concern regarding the health and well-being of our director and his young family. These issues are no small matter and currently are preventing Chase and his family from being able to move in and fully transition into their new role. 

We don’t write this letter to scare you, friends, but to let you know of a great need. We estimate that to even begin these repairs, we will need $25,000 to pay for materials, labor, and professional expertise. Our request is twofold. As stated above, we need significant funds to begin this important work. Second, we need labor and expertise to be donated to help offset the cost and time it will take to make the director’s house livable. We will be receiving considerable help on cosmetic repairs from our wonderful friends at Campers on a Mission, and we hope that many others will also contribute to help. 

The board is asking you, our beloved friends, donors, campers, and parents, to consider helping to fulfill this need. 1 Thessalonians 5:12 states, “Dear brothers and sisters, we ask you to respect those who labor among you in the Lord’s work, and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work.” Ensuring a safe and welcoming home for the Standefer family is a labor of love that we enthusiastically take on! We are asking big, knowing that God delights in doing big! Whether your help comes in the form of monetary donations or a donation of your time, labor, or expertise, we would be overjoyed to receive it. 

Chase is eager to fully transition into his new role, and his wife and children are eager to settle into the house and make their home there. We cannot wait to see the amazing things that God is going to do through Chase as Executive Director and the ways He provides through you!

Donations by check can be made to Camp Challenge, or you can visit to donate online.

Interested volunteers and groups can reach out to We are asking you to prayerfully consider increasing your regular donations and reaching out to any connections you may have to provide the necessary labor, materials, and expertise to have these repairs done properly. We have included some photos below to show some of the damage, and would be happy to share further details with anyone who would like more information in order to provide a donation. 

Be blessed,

The Camp Challenge Board of Directors

Camp Challenge Update – August 22nd, 2023

Hey, Camp Challenge Family!!!


If you have yet to hear, big things are happening at Camp Challenge right now!

We welcome our next Executive Director, Chase Standefer!!!  Chase will be joined by his wife, Thais, and his two daughters, Evangeline and Emmalyn. They are looking forward to becoming the next stewards of Camp Challenge. Chase and Thais have served many years in young adult and student ministries and are both currently serving as leaders at Bedford First Church of God.  Chase enjoys playing sports and being with his family, while Thais enjoys coffee, fall time, and a good movie. We look forward to seeing them use their experience and giftings to lead Camp Challenge into the future and expand the camp’s mission to develop followers of and leaders for Jesus Christ. Please help us welcome the Standefers as they enter their new role this September!


Fall Retreat is coming up on October 13th-15th, and we would love to see you there!

You can register by following this link –

Or you can follow this link for more information –

If you need help registering or have questions, please email for assistance.


We can also use help with work projects around Camp Challenge!!!

If you or your church wants to volunteer your time, please email and we will get you connected to help Camp Challenge!!!

If you don’t have time to volunteer, you can donate to Camp Challenge’s buildings and ground fund by following this link –

Or if you want to partner with Camp long term, you can become a Fire Circle member by following this link –


Camp Challenge – Update April 13th, 2023


Hey Camp Challenge people!  We are gearing up for this summer and have alot of exciting things happening here at Camp Challenge.  I wanted to give a update on the status of Camp and keep all of you informed.

Summer Camp

I can’t wait for this summer and to finally have campers here at Camp Challenge!  If you have already registered for camp.  You can find important information to know by following this link – 

If you haven’t registered yet you can do this by following this link –

We currently have an unbelievable amout of campers signed up for our Junior high camp!  If we end up reaching our capacity limit for Junior high you can email for information and we can help with getting them signed up to attend Camp.  We have two camps that overlap with our junior high camp and we can find another week of for them to attend or put them on the wait list if needed.

We are still accepting applications from high schoolers to serve at our elementary camps this summer! If you or a student you know is interested in being a Counselor in Training this summer at Camp Challenge. You can find our CIT applications by following this link and scrolling down to CIT applications –

Scholarship Opportunities are available to help everyone that wants to attend Camp Challenge get registered this year! You can find information on how to apply for financial assistance by following this link –

If you would like to help donate to support our scholarship and financial assistance fund you can do so by following this link – and give towards our scholarship fund!

Work Projects

We have alot of small improvements that I believe will change Camp in a big way.  We are refinishing the Octoball courts and Basketball court this year.  I’m especially excited for the improvements to our Basketball court that are much needed.  We are also getting all new outdoor furniture around the pool and several other areas around Camp.  We are hoping to power wash all surfaces around Camp and touch up with paint as needed.  Plus many more small improvements all over the place.  I’m hoping we can make camp look as fresh and vibrant as the community that attends here.

We could use all the help we can to accomplish this goal!  You can help by either organizing a work project with your Church or Community.  You can email for info on how to make this a reality.  Or by donating to Camp Challenge to help us fund all of these improvements by following this link –

Donations and Fire Circle

Speaking of donations Camp Challenge could use your help!  We couldn’t do what we do here at Camp without the help and support from all of our donors.  Since Covid and with the rising cost of things in almost every area of life running Camp is getting more and more expensive.  If you have any interest in helping Camp keep operating and making the improvements that make Camp better and better every year.  Please consider doing a one-time donation or more importantly partnering with us as a Fire Circle member.  You can find out how to do this by following this link –


If you have any desire to host an event, retreat, or activity at Camp Challenge we would love to talk with you!  You can reach out to for more information about pricing and rates.  Or you can follow this link – for information about rentals!

THANKS CAMP CHALLENGE FAMILY!!!  If you have any questions or thoughs you can email

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