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Hey Camp Challenge people!  We are gearing up for this summer and have alot of exciting things happening here at Camp Challenge.  I wanted to give a update on the status of Camp and keep all of you informed.

Summer Camp

I can’t wait for this summer and to finally have campers here at Camp Challenge!  If you have already registered for camp.  You can find important information to know by following this link – 

If you haven’t registered yet you can do this by following this link –

We currently have an unbelievable amout of campers signed up for our Junior high camp!  If we end up reaching our capacity limit for Junior high you can email for information and we can help with getting them signed up to attend Camp.  We have two camps that overlap with our junior high camp and we can find another week of for them to attend or put them on the wait list if needed.

We are still accepting applications from high schoolers to serve at our elementary camps this summer! If you or a student you know is interested in being a Counselor in Training this summer at Camp Challenge. You can find our CIT applications by following this link and scrolling down to CIT applications –

Scholarship Opportunities are available to help everyone that wants to attend Camp Challenge get registered this year! You can find information on how to apply for financial assistance by following this link –

If you would like to help donate to support our scholarship and financial assistance fund you can do so by following this link – and give towards our scholarship fund!

Work Projects

We have alot of small improvements that I believe will change Camp in a big way.  We are refinishing the Octoball courts and Basketball court this year.  I’m especially excited for the improvements to our Basketball court that are much needed.  We are also getting all new outdoor furniture around the pool and several other areas around Camp.  We are hoping to power wash all surfaces around Camp and touch up with paint as needed.  Plus many more small improvements all over the place.  I’m hoping we can make camp look as fresh and vibrant as the community that attends here.

We could use all the help we can to accomplish this goal!  You can help by either organizing a work project with your Church or Community.  You can email for info on how to make this a reality.  Or by donating to Camp Challenge to help us fund all of these improvements by following this link –

Donations and Fire Circle

Speaking of donations Camp Challenge could use your help!  We couldn’t do what we do here at Camp without the help and support from all of our donors.  Since Covid and with the rising cost of things in almost every area of life running Camp is getting more and more expensive.  If you have any interest in helping Camp keep operating and making the improvements that make Camp better and better every year.  Please consider doing a one-time donation or more importantly partnering with us as a Fire Circle member.  You can find out how to do this by following this link –


If you have any desire to host an event, retreat, or activity at Camp Challenge we would love to talk with you!  You can reach out to for more information about pricing and rates.  Or you can follow this link – for information about rentals!

THANKS CAMP CHALLENGE FAMILY!!!  If you have any questions or thoughs you can email