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Author: brian

Summer is Coming

It may be cold outside now, but warm weather is coming and so is the camping season.

The camp dates are listed on the website and the forms are ready for you to download. Print  your’s and send it in to reserve your place.

It is going to be a fantastic year!

Special Note: The camps have been rearranged this year due to the scheduling of IYC. Of special note is the date for the Young Explorers Camp. This year it is June 10-12.

Explore Indiana Over Handlebars

You haven’t experienced south-central Indiana until you’ve explored her up close and personal over the handlebars of a bicycle. Throw on your helmet and pack your bags. This is a four day expedition you won’t want to miss.

Campers head out each day from Camp Challenge, riding about 40 miles to the day’s destination. This event is not a race, so travel at your own pace and take time discovering the unique features of each site. Destinations include:

  • Spring Mill Park
  • Hoosier National Forest
  • Lake Monroe’s Harden Ridge Recreation Area
  • Starve Hollow Beach

Wrap up each day with a hearty meal and even more robust worship time, praising God for His creation and His role in your life.

Cost for the tour includes camping accommodations (retreat center, cabins or pitch a tent) and three meals. Click here to register.