Church/Community Partners

Camp Challenge is blessed to have several supporting organizations that provide critical operational funds. However, true partnership goes even deeper—partners provide financial support AND participate in camp ministry.

Each partner must decide what level of involvement makes sense for its organization, but all partners have these elements in common:

  • sends regular operational support
  • promotes camp attendance as part of children’s and student programs
  • commits to sending volunteers to help staff camp sessions
  • encourages facility use by groups under the organization’s umbrella
  • communicates camp news and information to its circle
  • participates in the care and maintenance of the camp

We praise God for the impact Camp Challenge has had on more than 30,000 campers, hundreds of retreat groups, and thousands of volunteers over the last three generations, even as we imagine what more we could do with additional partners: serving even greater numbers, with even higher-quality programming, through even more excellently-equipped staff, in even better-cared for facilities! Join us in developing followers of and leaders for Jesus Christ through outdoor ministry. Contact us to learn more about becoming a partner!

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